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Ontario has got countless fabulous what you should do and see it’s well worth taking a little time out of any hectic agenda to enjoy what it has to offer. Here are among the most popular attractions and things to complete in the area. I’ve tried to give you a good cross section to please all budgets, ages and interests.

• Ontario Mills – here is the largest outlet center in California filled with stuff and bargains to do. There are other than 200 different stores perfect to get a bargain plus fabulous restaurants, much and theaters more. Another big advantage for greener drivers is the abundance of power stations to top up your hybrid car. Incidentally you should check out of the hybrids at fiat of ontario – they’re awesome.

• Graber Olive House – this delightful historic attraction is actually a million miles from the bustle of Ontario Mills – well, a million miles in what to expect but certainly not one million driving miles, it’s actually just a short distance from LA/Ontario Airport. Tourists are overwhelmed by the homely welcome of the family run business and staff. Certainly worth getting a look.


• K1 Speed Ontario – for petrol heads of all shapes and sizes, professionals or enthusiastic amateurs can enjoy this high octane attraction. Driving go-karts is simply such good fun!

• Museum of Art and History – The Ontario Museum of Art and History is a must for anyone who has an interest in finding out a little bit regarding the history of the people and town. One added bonus of this fabulous Ontario attraction – entrance is free.

• Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park – this is a splendid place for a family picnic with a warm, sunny afternoon but there’s a lot more to Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park than that. Water slides, Volleyball courts, angling, pedal boat rides, dog shows, cat shows, music extravaganzas . . . . there’s always something happening at this popular Ontario location.


• Scandia – is the best getaway for just about any Ontario visitors or residents who like to reside life inside the fast lane, or upside down, or spinning around . . . yep, it’s a fabulous theme park. Okay, so this Scandinavian themed park might not exactly be on the par with Disneyland but it does offer plenty of affordable, clean family fun.


• Mountain Village Stadium, Edwards Ontario – a fabulous theater with lots to offer including plenty of scrummy popcorn. You’ll be happy you did if you’ve got a little time to kill then check out what’s happening with the stadium.

• Murder Mystery Dinner & Show – who dunnit? This is one of the largest murder mystery dinner shows in America never mind Ontario with performers infiltrating the dinner guests so well that lots of the guests don’t realize that they’re part of the show until they accidentally happen to die. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the show and well worth a visit.

February visitors to Ontario can enjoy the thrills of the NASCAR sprint series, June sees the annual Balloon and Wine Festival and in July / August there are some terrific celebrations to experience with summer festivals, bands and concerts. September visitors can drink in the fabulous atmosphere in the Rancho Cucamonga Grape Fest – it’s awesome.

Whatever time of year you visit Ontario or take the time out of your hectic agenda to enjoy several of the delights you’ll be sure to find plenty to hold your and you family entertained. If you find enough time, you’ll be happy you did, don’t forget to look into ocfiatservingontario.com.

CARPHOTO-72Travelling by car on a long road trip is a fun and cheap way to travel. No long lines in the airport or delayed flights and you can definitely pack more luggage. You can stop along the side of the road to take photos anytime or escape and explore the wonders of a new town or city on the way. There is also the unspoken promise of an adventure waiting to occur on the market on the open road.

To ensure that your adventure stays an exciting one forever reasons and never bad ones, let us go through some basic measures which will make sure your car remains safe and secure enough to last your journey. After all, preventing a possible disaster is always a lot better than having to fix one after it’s occurred.

Pop the hood of your vehicle

To start out off, be sure to check the cars fluids; this consists of radiator coolant which will stop your vehicle from overheating. If going on a long trip, oil is next in the list – ensure you have a good supply and that you take a bottle with you. Your battery ought to be checked before embarking on a road trip to ensure it is not nearing the average expected ‘life’ span, which is generally 4 years. The majority of vehicle breakdowns are caused by a dead battery, therefore it’s much easier to get your battery checked instead of be stuck at a busy intersection, or worse out in the middle of nowhere.

Check tyres, brakes and lights

Checking that all your lights are working and the thickness of your brake pads will also be important safety precautions to put in place. Checking your tyres, is not only important, but is possibly the most important thing to accomplish, as driving on a bare tyre might be a major safety hazard for you and your family. There are numerous companies around Australia which can do these safety checks for yourself: Kmart Tyre and Auto are capable of doing battery testing, while you will get your battery and tyres checked at Beaurepaires.

Ensure correct booster/baby seats

Last of all, if you are travelling with children, make sure you get the correct booster/baby seats together with you. Before starting your long road trip with the family to ensure you possess a great family holiday minus the worry, one additional tip is to have a whiteboard in your garage so you can write a list of must-do’s which can be ticked off!

We all know about the “normal” stuff you shouldn’t do while driving – even though a remarkable number of people still do them. You know the idea – drinking alcohol, driving while under the influence of drugs or sending and receiving texts on your cell phone whilst you’re supposed to be focused on driving safely.
There are also a few unbelievable things which people get up to, or try to get up to while they are supposed to be navigating a motor safely around the streets and freeways of Los Angeles.
Don’t even be tempted to try any of these antics:

• Driving along whilst sticking your leg out of the window – your left leg that is – it would be pretty difficult to drive with your right leg out of the window and still face in the direction that you’re travelling. So what’s so wrong about getting a little fresh LA air to your legs? Well, for one thing you’ll never be able to take emergency avoiding action quickly enough and for another, if the airbag is deployed you’ll be hurting in places that were not designed to be hurting in that way.


• Reading a book whilst driving – what? Whereas I confess to having a quick glance at a map book every now and then before Sat Nav was invented . . . I did always make sure that I was stationery at the lights or pulled over. Some people have been clocked looking at books on their lap whilst driving – how can you be watching where you’re going if you’re staring down at your lap?

• Getting intimate with a partner, or with yourself – it really doesn’t bear thinking about does it. How can you concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing if your mind and body are on another level? Whilst a little creativity in the physical department is to be applauded you really shouldn’t be tempted to do that sort of thing whilst driving.

• Applying make-up is another crazy antic which some people have attempted whilst driving – as well as detracting your focus from what you’re supposed to be doing, i.e. driving – there’s also a very real chance that you’ll poke your eyes out with the mascara wand if the car in front of you comes to a sudden stop.

Unsafe driver

• Playing on an iPad – this comes close to making phone calls or texting on a cell phone. Let’s face it; iPads are just a combination of a tiny computer and a larger cell phone. Playing around with your iPad whilst driving along at 70 mph is just about the dumbest thing you could ever do . . . I thought they were supposed to make you smarter?


• Playing the guitar – what? I know, it sounds ridiculous and ridiculous it is but that doesn’t stop some budding musicians from practicing their strumming whilst driving. Playing air guitar while driving is bad enough, playing a real guitar is downright crazy.

Keep your eyes peeled and I’m sure you’ll notice lots of other crazy antics which drivers get up to when they are supposed to be driving, that’s if the traffic police haven’t spotted them first.

Drivers really need to remember that it requires undivided focus and attention – there are some terrific motors in Hawthorne Nissan – check out http://nissaninlosangeles.com/ if you don’t believe me but whichever make or model catches your eye make sure that you don’t attract any unwanted attention by trying to do something crazy when you’re supposed to be driving.

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