Yom Kippur Graced Paris Motor Show 2012

Today is “The Day” i.e. Your Day of Atonement on the Jewish Calendar. There’s no holier day to the Chosen People. It’s also the first live day of coverage for journalists at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the first show of the rambunctious Auto Show Season. How can these fit together?

Since we didn’t win the Kia Canada Photography Contest and Twitter gives a more interactive peek at the proceedings anyways, let’s see how the world’s largest and most influential automakers fared in Paris today and what they should atone for as a result. Despite having more guilt-assuaging plug-in hybrids than sexy booth babes, you’d better believe they’re still guilty beyond reproach.

In no particular order, the 6 Most Sinful:

All but on link head to AutoGuide, who’re doing excellent coverage as usual!


1. 1300kg Bentley Continental GT3

Bentley must atone for making the conventional Conti GT weigh 1000kg more.

2. Rolls Royce Art Deco Special Editions

RR must atone for the possible lack of steel brightwork, Art Deco lettering, and white wall wheels.

3. Facelifted Honda CR-Z

Honda must atone for still, still! not giving the CR-Z enough power. 200hp must do it. Make it so.

4. Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar must atone for over-pricing its smallest car by a solid $20k. Expect Canadian prices to get started on around C$75,000 and shoot up into the C$120,000 range. It’s not that pretty!

5. Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Porsche must atone for making the rest of its 4-doors so heinous. Porsche, we had no idea that you were capable of this!

6. Lamborghini LP560-4 MkII

Lamborghini must atone for resting on its laurels and falling deeply in love with too many triangles.

It was probably pretty tricky to fast at the endless buffet which is the life of the traveling auto journalist (not too we’re envious), but for those of the Tribe, we wish them strength and all the ideal in the New Year.



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