Spring Forward with a New Ford

One of my favorite aspects of this time of year is that the days get longer. Though it’s frigid in most of the country and we in Southern California are often forced to put on a sweater or, God forbid, a coat, the promise of longer and warmer days to come always brings a smile to my face. The groundhog has seen his shadow and the sun creeps back into the northern hemisphere and soon, we’ll change the clocks and bid farewell to the cold months. As the spring arrives, so do the flowers, the leaves, baseball and a new sense of mirth and optimism. There are a number of ways to welcome this time of year, and none of them more exciting than getting a new car.

1. A new Ford

The Ford Fusion is the perfect vehicle in which to spring forward. It is elegant and boasts amazing fuel economy, so you can explore Southern California’s glorious springtime in style while saving money on gas. Driving a hybrid vehicle is definitely in the spirit of the new season, and you can show your friends, colleagues and neighbors that while the environment is a priority to you, it does not take a back seat to reliability and comfort. The first time I sat behind the wheel of a new Ford Fusion, my breath got stuck in my chest. I’m used to hybrid vehicles having a sort of ‘diet’ look about them. While I love that manufacturers are working hard to produce such environmentally friendly cars, it’s hard to get excited about one if it doesn’t look the part. Well, the Fusion does look the part and drives that way too. Head down to Chino Hills Ford and take a test drive, or peruse the Fusion and all the others of the 2014 fleet of Ford vehicles at http://fairviewford.com and find the right thing to inspire you.

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2. A garden

I get excited about this. I get excited about getting my hands dirty and watching seeds mature into a salad on my dinner table. Spring it the traditional time to plant a number of your favorite fruits and veggies, from cucumbers and tomatoes to peppers and herbs. It really is completely satisfying to watch your efforts pay off, even if it’s only a few millimeters a week. You can really see changes and it’s fun too. While the winter is just beginning to wind down, I’m watching my beets and carrots finish growing. Once I harvest and devour them, I’ll get all my springtime seeds in order. Gardening is a great outlet to take your mind off work at the end of the week, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get the kids away from the television for a few hours.

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3. Break out the glove

Tossing the ball around for me, is like a spa for my wife. All of my stress just melts away as I feel those familiar stitches beneath my fingertips. No, I can’t make a curveball curve, but it certainly feels good to try.

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