Opinions differ on how often a car air filter need to be replaced. Where you live and how often you drive obviously effects how much dirt and dust your car is sucking in every day.

The rule of thumb to changing air filters is every 12,000 miles – or once a year – to keep your car running smoothly and at proper acceleration.

In studies, it’s been shown that keeping it clean can improve acceleration time by around 6 to 11 percent.

No doubt about it, a clean air filter affects your car’s performance. If your car is responding more slowly or your not getting the same pick up you’re used to, a new air filter might be the answer.

Get back up to speed by following these step-by-step instructions:

How to Replace an Air Filter

Open the hood, prop it up safely, and locate the filter housing (usually in a black plastic case secured with metal clips on the sides and/or wing nuts on top.)

Use a flat-head screwdriver to flip the clips downward. If there are wing nuts on the top of the filter housing, carefully unscrew them and immediately place them in a pocket or some other place where they won’t go missing.

Remove the old filter and take note of how it sits in the housing (for when you replace it with the new air filter.)

Put in the new filter and secure by pushing it down snugly into the rubber gasket.

Today is “The Day” i.e. Your Day of Atonement on the Jewish Calendar. There’s no holier day to the Chosen People. It’s also the first live day of coverage for journalists at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the first show of the rambunctious Auto Show Season. How can these fit together?

Since we didn’t win the Kia Canada Photography Contest and Twitter gives a more interactive peek at the proceedings anyways, let’s see how the world’s largest and most influential automakers fared in Paris today and what they should atone for as a result. Despite having more guilt-assuaging plug-in hybrids than sexy booth babes, you’d better believe they’re still guilty beyond reproach.

In no particular order, the 6 Most Sinful:

All but on link head to AutoGuide, who’re doing excellent coverage as usual!


1. 1300kg Bentley Continental GT3

Bentley must atone for making the conventional Conti GT weigh 1000kg more.

2. Rolls Royce Art Deco Special Editions

RR must atone for the possible lack of steel brightwork, Art Deco lettering, and white wall wheels.

3. Facelifted Honda CR-Z

Honda must atone for still, still! not giving the CR-Z enough power. 200hp must do it. Make it so.

4. Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar must atone for over-pricing its smallest car by a solid $20k. Expect Canadian prices to get started on around C$75,000 and shoot up into the C$120,000 range. It’s not that pretty!

5. Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Porsche must atone for making the rest of its 4-doors so heinous. Porsche, we had no idea that you were capable of this!

6. Lamborghini LP560-4 MkII

Lamborghini must atone for resting on its laurels and falling deeply in love with too many triangles.

It was probably pretty tricky to fast at the endless buffet which is the life of the traveling auto journalist (not too we’re envious), but for those of the Tribe, we wish them strength and all the ideal in the New Year.

The Beatles were an international phenomenon who captivated the young public for many years on end. Normally, when folks are in contact with such amounts of fame and fortune, they tend to indulge some of their own personal pastimes. Many celebrities buy unusual and expensive cars and amass quite sizable collections along with the Beatles were no different. Although none of them would be called something of any gearhead, they did boast some fascinating vehicles.

1. Austin Princess Limo

When Beatlemania was at its highest, this is the car how the four would use to obtain around. The same vehicle remained the state Beatles limousine throughout that period – a ’65 Austin Princess being exact. That’s what is even more impressive. Just before the car was stolen and not recovered, after them the limousine only had an additional owner. The search is still on to discover the long lost Beatles mobile.


2. “Magical Mystery Tour” Mini Cooper

Back then the Mini was almost as common as the Beatles themselves so it comes as no real surprise that George Harrison owned one. This Mini is special – it was the custom one featured in the Magical Mystery Tour film, however. Which had been Harrison’s own Mini Cooper and one of the more iconic vehicles the company ever produced.


3. Rolls-Royce Phantom V

It is actually clear how the Beatles liked to customize their cars to make them differentiate yourself from the rest. That is the situation with John Lennon’s famous Rolls-Royce which boasted the unique psychedelic paintjob which made it a priceless possession, even when compared to other Rolls-Royces. It spends its days now going from museum to museum across America.


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The automotive world is defined by its innovation. It is the truly innovative machines that are remembered, even though popular, boring and Unusual cars are plentiful. This list of cars not only inspire, they were quantum shifts in the development of the automobile. These are the basic cars that changed the globe.


1908 – Ford Model T

The Model T was the first mass-produced automobile, so that it is one of the most important cars in US history. This flimsy little car created the automotive industry, urbanized a nation, and gave mobility on the masses. The manufacturing method that created the car was a lot more influential. Almost every industry or market in the world can trace its roots back to the process refined by people like Henry Frederick and Ford Winslow Taylor. If it finally ended production in 1927 with over 15 million cars sold, half the cars worldwide were Model T’s.

1908 – Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Dubbed “The Best car from the World” by Autocar magazine, the Silver Ghost transformed luxury motoring as well as modern warfare. The Silver Ghost had a significant role from the Turkish wars with Laurence of Arabia, Gallipoli, the Irish Civil War, World War I, the development of India, and was still in service during World War II. Through its combat use, the Silver Ghost ushered from the era of mechanized warfare and virtually ended the days of the horse artillery and cavalry unit. Most examples remain on the road today, and the earliest is worth approximately $200 million dollars.

1922 – Austin Seven

This tiny car is genesis to the modern automobile. The Seven borrowed the motorist controls from your limited production Cadillac Type 53, and mass produced it throughout the world. It was the 1st “people’s car” and the first production model for many major manufacturers. The Austin Seven and its re-bodied siblings virtually gave birth to BMW in Germany, Nissan in Japan, Holden in Australia, Rosengart in France, and Lotus and Jaguar in England.

1938 – Volkswagen Beetle

The beetle has an amazing history. It had been designed by Ferdinand Porsche based upon specifications manufactured by Adolf Hitler. It is amongst the first rear-engine cars, with one of the first air-cooled engines, made to travel at 100kph on Germany’s new Autobahn. The Beetle may be the longest running and most manufactured car of the single design platform, worldwide. The production lasted 65 years, ending with 21.5 million cars in 2006 for Brazil and 2003 for Mexico. The Beetle has had books and music written for it, is becoming an icon and a movie star, and was an inspiration to your generation. Its namesake the “new” Beetle is still in production to this day.

1959 – BMC Mini

The Mini is an icon of the 1960’s. Designed like a car for your masses, this is the first to employ a transverse front-wheel drive layout. It is the genesis for all modern front-wheel drive cars and spawned the new hatch era. The Mini was voted “Car in the Century” and produced over 100 variants in countries all over the world. Not just is this little people carrier a great city car, the Mini has a stellar record as a race car, rally car and movie icon.

1955 – Citroen DS

Decades prior to its time, the DS (Goddess) is one of the most celebrated designs in automotive history. Featuring its quirky scarab shape, hydraulic suspension, and turning headlights this car became a European icon which includes consistently topped the “Most Beautiful” and “Most Important” lists throughout the world. Be it the aerodynamic styling, the mechanical innovation or the pure space ship like design, every modern car on the streets can trace its roots back to this automobile. The DS shocked the world, and sold a record breaking 12,000 examples on its first day. The list from the innovations to the automotive world would fill a book. It can be sculpture, art…it is a Goddess.

1961 – Jaguar E-Type

The E-Type is just “The Most Incredible Car Ever Created.” The car is in the permanent design collection of the Museum of recent Art, and has been an inspiration for everything from cars to clothes. It is mesmerizing as some art, and merely adequate as a car.

1966 – Lamborghini Miura

Created by Marcello Gandini, this automotive icon is definitely the world’s first supercar. The Miura changed the conception of what a sports car might be, and introduced the world to an alternative level of motoring. With its bull inspired design, its transversely mounted V12, and its lightning quick speed, this was the genesis for cars much like the Pagani, the Bugatti McLaren, the and Veyron modern Ferrari. The Miura launched Lamborghini and ushered in a period of amazing, outrageous supercar design.

1983 – Chrysler Minivan

The Dodge Caravan and its particular Chrysler siblings revolutionized modern automobile. Not just did it create the minivan market, it helped give birth to the SUV and crossover markets. Arriving 18 months ahead of its only competitor, the Renault Espace, this vehicle became both an joke and icon to the American family. Owning one was in the beginning a sign of success, and an indication of “lost youth.” The Minivan has become as much a part of the America family as the ranch home and also the suburbs.

Toyota Prius 2010

Just as the Model T along with the Chrysler Minivan changed the entire world, so did the Toyota Prius. The Prius was the first mass produced full hybrid electric vehicle in the world. It was a status symbol in the united states when first introduced, and stays one of the cleanest vehicles sold in the US. Such as the Model T and the Volkswagen Beetle, the Prius is a major step in the evolution of the automobile.

You might have dreams for the family, the kids and you. You dream the whole lot of yourself will constantly mature to get kind and wise, cultured and giving, that all of you have the tools necessary for whatever obstacles this journey offers you. It’s important to be adaptable from the chaotic and ever shifting and evolving world, and it’s important to be curious about the unknown or the lesser know. Southern California is crowded with everyday mayhem, and a lot of us often notice the urge to have away, to indulge our sense of adventure and to introduce that curiosity to the other family. This Spring, get yourself a new car and consider the road less traveled. Introduce your family to the beauty that is Southern California. The first thing you’ll need is the right car to fit your so you spouse, your children and all that you simply deem important for a few days. You’ll need something big, something with all the modern safety features and comfortable amenities to hold all of you concentrating on your journey, not merely simply the destination. You already know you should get a whole new Dodge, you’re just not sure which one. You’re certain that it needs to be a Dodge for a few reasons. They’re American made, which happens to be always a good thing, and they’re built to last. They offer a massive array of trucks and cars from environmentally conscious inspired hybrids to hard driving, load towing power-houses. For any endeavor that includes the idea of both “road and “family” less traveled,” I do believe opting for something spacious is the way to go. Fortunately for all of us, Dodge is so wonderful, you can get the best of both worlds in a hybrid Dodge Durango. Isn’t that amazing? ! Besides this craftsman vehicle offer wide seats that are so comfortable they’ll feel a lot more like quick sand (but minus the anxiety) and enough room for the entire family to have space, but it gets good mileage. Truly, truly amazing. Check out the Durango and the rest of the fleet at cerritos used cars or and get ready to go for a ride!

Peek Dodge 3-1

The road less traveled

Okay, you’ve got your perfect SUV. So what now? Southern California hosts more natural beauty including awe-inspiring geography along with a dizzying diversity in plants, wildlife and terrain. There’s something to suit your needs for sure. If you’ve never been, head to Joshua Tree National Park. This place is indeed incredible that I’m not suggesting you choose to go, I’m informing you to. It appears like a landscape out of a science fiction novel with fun off road adventures for you, the household and the car.

Peek Dodge 3-2

Southern California even offers Yosemite, Death Valley, Mount Whitney and also the Channel Islands. As you can see, there is not any shortage of roads that really have been less traveled.

Peek Dodge 3-3


The all-new Range Rover Sport was revealed in South Africa in early November. Boasting a completely new assertive and muscular exterior, in conjunction with a seemingly luxurious interior, the newest Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is essentially another set of metal.

With all sorts of improvements to suspension, chassis, weight and engines and the like, the Range Rover Sport is said to be made up of 75 percent different parts on the standard Range Rover.

As outlined by Kevin Flynn, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover for South, the “[g]round-breaking construction which sees the all-new Range Rover Sport tip the scales massively lighter than its predecessor brings benefits in a number of areas; including emissions, fuel consumption, handling, braking and acceleration.

“Building on the success of the recently launched flagship Range Rover, the all-new Range Rover Sport also employs a vast array of technologies which help to transform its performance, refinement and round capabilities,” added Flynn.

Keeping the above in your mind, the new SUV has an aluminium base that saves 420kg of weight, whereby CO2 emissions can be as low as 209g/km-and this may be attributed to the 8 percent more aerodynamic body.

The outside of the Range Rover Sport tallies in at 4850mm, that is 62mm over the previous model. The wheelbase is 178mm longer, allowing for greater space in the interior. Despite the fact that it can be larger than its predecessor, the game is 149mm shorter and 55mm lower than the standard Range Rover unit.

To complement the outside design, customers will be able to choose wheels ranging in 20-, 21-, and 22-inches in diameter.

Moving away from cosmetic changes, the SUV will offer you two different four-wheel-drive (4WD) systems. The first one is a two-speed transfer case with low-range options for off-road situations. This unit can have a 50/50 default torque split with a 100 percent locking capability.

One other option is an 18kg lighter alternative by using a single-speed transfer case. This unit has become designed to transfer the torque to the axle with the most grip. The default torque split, however, is 42/58 percent.

Power for the Range Rover Sport is available in three different variations: the first two units are supercharged-a 5.-litre 375kW V8 with 625Nm of torque and a 3.-litre 250kW V6 with 450Nm of torque. The third option is a diesel powered motor with a 3.-litre V6 displacement churning out 215kW of power and 600Nm of torque. Each one of these units is coupled with an electronically controlled ZF 8HP70 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The product range-topping 5.-litre V8 Range Rover Sport should be able to achieve a -100km/h in 5.3 seconds.

In the interior of the vehicle, Range Rover have added a smaller diameter, thicker controls; vertical gear shifter; higher centre console; configurable mood lighting; and more “generous” seat bolsters. There will be 24mm more knee room for rear-seat occupants.

On the features side of things, Range Rover has added Adaptive Dynamics with continuously variable dampers, and on better models, a devoted Dynamic mode. This system is combined with twin-channel Dynamic Response active lean control, a Dynamic Active Rear Locking Differential, and Torque Vectoring by Braking, which transfers torque for the outside wheels during cornering, reducing understeer.

There is also a digicam system which supports driver assistance.

“The Fast & The Furious” franchise has emerged as the most exciting movie experience for car enthusiasts. It has everything you would want from car movies: action scenes, exciting chasing sequences and, of course, great cars. With the seventh film now in production, the franchise has showcased a lot of great cars over the years and here are some of the best.

1. 1970 Dodge Charger

Dominic’s Dodge Charger from the very first movie kind of acted like the main car bad guy, in the sense that it was the car driver by the antagonist. Although Vin Diesel’s role throughout the franchise quickly shifted to be on the good side, most people still remembered his intimidating presence in the first movie behind the wheel of his black, supercharged Charger which makes appearances in later films, even though it meets its demise at the end of the first movie.


2. 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo

This car got a lot of screen time since it was Paul Walker’s car in the first movie. As a result of this, the performance and exploits of the car might have been exaggerated a bit, even with a skilled driver behind the wheel. After all, we see this car take on and defeat the aforementioned Charger, not to mention completely humiliating a Ferrari.


3. 1997 Mazda RX-7

Not a lot of good came out of the third installment in the franchise, “Tokyo Drift”, widely considered to be the worst of all the movies. However, one standout was this Mazda RX-7, heavily customized and with a custom paintjob, which allowed the main character to show off his drifting skills.


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Yesterday we were in sunny Spain testing the incredible new M235i. The looks have been a bit divisive, however, and if you ask us, the 1-series coupe it replaces is a more aesthetically pleasing beast. Early examples of the 135i coupe are now relatively affordable, and they offer a lot of performance to the cash.


BMW 135i 3

Up front, there’s a 3.-litre twin-turbocharged straight-six belting out 306bhp. That’s only 16bhp down on the M235i. It’ll dispatch the -62mph sprint in five.3 seconds, and top out at an electronically-limited 155mph. It’s an excellent thing to operate, too. The small size certainly helps; near the much larger 3-series and 5-series, many would argue the chuckable 1-series is the keen driver’s choice.

BMW 135i 2

Of course, if 306bhp isn’t enough for you, that turbocharged N54 six-pot is very tuneable: a ‘stage 1′ remap via Burger Tuning‘s JB4 piggyback ECU for example provides you with around 50 more horses than standard. Take things further, and you can easily have enough firepower to embarrass a V8 M3.

BMW 135i 4

Tempted? This one has 39,000 miles on the clock and is up for £16,995. Considering a brand new M235i will set you back twice that, it’s pretty decent value, although not exactly cheap.


In case you needed more proof that the Lexus RC F is a statement car intended to scream This is not your father’s brand (yes, we’re paraphrasing the tagline of another automaker), here it is: the Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept. Lexus introduced a GT500-spec version of the RC F at the Tokyo Auto Salon last month, but this GT3-spec entrant and its Reading Rainbow paint job will get to show off at the Geneva Motor Show to whet the appetites of European racing outfits.

Although referred to as a concept, it will shake that name off when it completes a season of testing this year. Next year, Lexus will make it available to paying customers, and says the car will be cleared to race in the Occident and in Japan’s Super GT series alongside its GT500 cousin.

One of my favorite aspects of this time of year is that the days get longer. Though it’s frigid in most of the country and we in Southern California are often forced to put on a sweater or, God forbid, a coat, the promise of longer and warmer days to come always brings a smile to my face. The groundhog has seen his shadow and the sun creeps back into the northern hemisphere and soon, we’ll change the clocks and bid farewell to the cold months. As the spring arrives, so do the flowers, the leaves, baseball and a new sense of mirth and optimism. There are a number of ways to welcome this time of year, and none of them more exciting than getting a new car.

1. A new Ford

The Ford Fusion is the perfect vehicle in which to spring forward. It is elegant and boasts amazing fuel economy, so you can explore Southern California’s glorious springtime in style while saving money on gas. Driving a hybrid vehicle is definitely in the spirit of the new season, and you can show your friends, colleagues and neighbors that while the environment is a priority to you, it does not take a back seat to reliability and comfort. The first time I sat behind the wheel of a new Ford Fusion, my breath got stuck in my chest. I’m used to hybrid vehicles having a sort of ‘diet’ look about them. While I love that manufacturers are working hard to produce such environmentally friendly cars, it’s hard to get excited about one if it doesn’t look the part. Well, the Fusion does look the part and drives that way too. Head down to Chino Hills Ford and take a test drive, or peruse the Fusion and all the others of the 2014 fleet of Ford vehicles at and find the right thing to inspire you.

Fairview 1-1

2. A garden

I get excited about this. I get excited about getting my hands dirty and watching seeds mature into a salad on my dinner table. Spring it the traditional time to plant a number of your favorite fruits and veggies, from cucumbers and tomatoes to peppers and herbs. It really is completely satisfying to watch your efforts pay off, even if it’s only a few millimeters a week. You can really see changes and it’s fun too. While the winter is just beginning to wind down, I’m watching my beets and carrots finish growing. Once I harvest and devour them, I’ll get all my springtime seeds in order. Gardening is a great outlet to take your mind off work at the end of the week, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get the kids away from the television for a few hours.

Fairview 1-2

3. Break out the glove

Tossing the ball around for me, is like a spa for my wife. All of my stress just melts away as I feel those familiar stitches beneath my fingertips. No, I can’t make a curveball curve, but it certainly feels good to try.

Fairview 1-3

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